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Accountability gets me through workouts too

About six months ago I joined a weekly swim group. I wanted to improve my swim times and start training for triathlon season and I just was NOT motivated to do it on my own. I have 2 swim workouts/week on my training calendar and I was getting them done most of the time. But, the pool is a 30 minute drive in each direction, so I would often find excuses not to make the drive and would miss the workout. Or, I would finish my workout but not at the intensity or for the time required to see the results I wanted.

So after hunting around town I found a group that works. Today...I did NOT want to make the drive. It was snowing. I have loads of tasks to finish from my to-do list. And I had one too many glasses of vino last night and feel generally crappy. But my group was expecting me to be there. So, what did I do?

I made the drive, I jump

ed in the stupid pool and I did the workout. And of course, I felt much better physically and mentally when I was done. But, the moral of the story is that I probably would have flaked had that group of swimmers not been at the pool to keep my accountable.

As you can see, even health and fitness pros need accountability some times! And we LOVE to exercise! So if you feel ashamed or frustrated that you need someone in your life to hold you accountable to workouts, don't!

And if you don't have anyone in your life to be your "accountabilibuddies" (as my friend Jeff likes to call them) then come try out the classes at Driven Fitness! Our classes are small, so you always get 1:1 attention and your coach always expects you to be there. And don't be surprised when we text you after noticing if you aren't there!

Set yourself up for success by finding people who will make you accountable to your habits, so you can reach your goals.

Sincerely (your accountabilibuddy),

Coach Erica

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