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Exercise is like medicine for my soul

Tonja W. ~ Nevada member I wife I mom I pilates + strength training queen

What made you decide to begin a fitness program and why did you choose Driven Fitness?

I was already doing Pilates and Erica came into our studio and subbed for our instructor while she was gone. I took the first class and was hooked. Loved everything about Erica’s class. It was different than Pilates and I knew I needed to work on cardio and strength. Perfect combination with Driven Fitness.

What does a typical workout week look like for you?

A typical workout week is a mat Pilates class once a week, Erica’s Driven Fitness class 3 times a week and a circuit Pilates class once a week.

How do you fit it all in?

At my age I don’t have young kids at home so I am able to commit to the classes each morning. And I truly believe that it's like medicine for my soul when I workout.

Has your workout routine changed over time?

My routine has changed since I started with Erica and Driven Fitness. At first it was twice a week. And sometimes only once a week. But as I got stronger and more confident I pushed myself to add days. And now I’ll ask to do certain exercises. I really enjoying the boxing bag right now.

What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome?

When Erica came to Gardnerville I had only been back exercising for a few months since I had had shoulder surgery. I had to adjust a lot of the exercises because I couldn’t physically do them. But I truly feel that working out with Erica helped my shoulder get stronger. The other thing that I’m not strong at is cardio. But I have been working out with Erica since November of 2020 and my cardio is much improved.

How do you manage to eat healthy?

Working out has actually helped me with my eating. I have to eat in order to be able to work out. If I don’t eat enough I’m not able to perform at the level I want. I’m a typical stress non-eater. Always have been.

Who is your biggest supporter?

My husband is my biggest supporter. I’ve had a lot of big surgeries and recoveries to come back from. And he has always been my rock. He encourages me to go each morning which has helped him also get up and get moving too. We encourage each other to make healthy choices and to keep moving.

#1 tip for someone struggling to find a way to fit it in?

I would say to someone who is struggling about starting, take a class. Commit to it. And start small. A small goal is easier to attain than a large one. It might just be a zoom class for 30 mins once a week. Then after a month ask yourself how do you feel. I bet you’ll feel good and want to continue and maybe add more. I believe it’s an investment in yourself. You're worth it.

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