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How to meal prep without prepping meals

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Meal prep. The experts (including me) say it's one of the keys to healthy eating. If you have healthy meals planned, prepared and ready to go then you are more likely to make smart choices.

But how do you meal prep exactly? Some people to plan their weekly dinner calendar over the weekend. They're prepping might look something like this:

Monday: Chicken tacos

Tuesday: Chicken salad

Wednesday: Meatloaf + rice pilaf

Thursday: Homemade pizzas

Friday: Steak + potato salad

Saturday: Dinner out

Sunday: Leftovers

I don't typically meal prep like this. Rarely do I spend the time cooking a specific meal in advance. The way I like to meal prep is to prepare a whole bunch of healthy proteins and carbs in advance so I can pick and choose my meals depending on my mood.

I'm a big fan of Buddha bowls (a one-bowl meal containing everything you need) and prepping this way enables me to make a variety of bowls throughout the week.

On Sundays I might cook:


Baked chicken breasts - I chop them up and season them simply so I can then throw on top of a salad or heat up and eat with veggies

Pork loin - I often crockpot an entire pork loin and then shred it to add to burritos, tacos or buddha bowls

Ground beef - skillet it up and put it in the fridge


Rice - I almost always have a pot of rice in the fridge (I like to cook mine in chicken stock for extra flavor)

Potatos - boiled new potatoes or air fried are my fave

Pasta - I don't eat pasta often but last week I made a large pot of protein pasta that I have topped with the ground beef I prepared

Quinoa or other grains - Amaranth, farro, etc.


I usually make these at the time of my meal.

Sometimes I'll baked large batches of brocolli, Brussel sprouts or root vegetables to have as sides for the week

Salad - I usually have lettuce and spinach in the fridge to make salads

For me, this is the easiest way to prep healthy foods in advance without feeling stressed out about planning specific dishes.

What about you? How do you meal prep? Drop me a DM on my instagram @drivenfitnesserica and let me know what works for you!

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In health and wellness,

Coach Erica

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