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"I learned I had to be my biggest supporter"

Kathy H - Driven Fitness client, mom, wife, grant writer, avid outdoorsman

What made you decide to begin a fitness program and why did you choose Driven Fitness?

While I maintained an active lifestyle, I had never been in any formal fitness program. It was when I saw my 70 year old Mother’s physical health deteriorate primarily because of a lack of fitness ability that I needed to make some changes. I chose Driven Fitness because it was close to where I lived and I knew it would eliminate any excuse for not making it to class. Little did I know then that it would be one of the best decisions I’ve made for many reasons!

What does a typical workout week look like for you?

No matter what my life looks like at any given time, I attend classes at least three days/ week at Driven Fitness, including 2 semi-privates, customized by Erica to meet my fitness needs and goals. If I can’t make the Driven Fitness stretch class on Tuesday evenings, I get in a gentle yoga class at a local studio. It’s also important to get outside to exercise so I try to mix up my outdoor activities but my favorites are hiking and paddleboard!

How do you fit it all in?

Sometimes I have to make choices but sticking to a regular schedule has provided me with the most success. I’m a morning person and I know that this is when I’m most productive. I love to cook dinner and eat with my husband as well so working out in the evening is not going to be successful for me.

Has your workout routine changed over time?

You bet! The first year it took complete focus and planning to get myself to the Driven Fitness classes even though I really enjoyed them once I was there. After that, I really missed them if I couldn’t make it. Then in 2017, we moved out of the area. I stayed active in other fitness programs because I enjoyed it but when COVID shut everything down, I struggled to stay motived on my own. So, you can imagine my excitement when Driven Fitness went virtual and I felt like I picked up right where I left off, 3 years later! And the best part is I don’t need to drive anywhere!

What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome?

Patience! It took me a long time to enjoy working out but I knew that I needed to put my self-first and that was hard for me.

How do you manage to eat healthy?

I stick to the 80/20 plan and plan out all my meals. Most days I eat balanced meals (80%) but I love a good burger and a beer (20%). The other tip is when you are eating something in the 20% bucket, remember moderation. If I reaching for a sweat treat, I only have a small serving.

Who is your biggest supporter?

ME! I’ve learned a lot about myself through my fitness journey and one of them is that I have to put my fitness needs at the top of the list. My husband is also supportive because he knows when I don’t work out, I’m grumpy!

#1 tip for someone struggling to find a way to fit it in?

Set minimal goals. Don’t worry about fitness goals, just show up for a class, even if it’s 1-2/ week.

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