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Learning what works for you and throwing out the rest

We've all gotten advice about the best exercise plan or best diet from friends. That person who just LOVES to talk about her program and wants you to try it too! Can you blame her? People get excited when they find a program that works for them. And they want to shout about it from the rooftops because they just KNOW it will work for you too!

I just want you to are unique! You're an individual. And what works for your neighbor, friend or sister may not work for you and that's ok. Their program may be great for you! Or it may not work for your schedule or your fitness personality. Maybe it turns out you HATE Zumba!

The key is to try lots of things (talk to a pro like me if you need help) and settle on what works for you and your unique goals and lifestyle. Don't beat yourself about it!

Have you tried an activity recommended by a friend and loved it? Or maybe hated it? Email me and let me know!

Coach Erica

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