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What stage of menopause am I in?

I get this question often…so here’s the answer:

1. Peri-menopause - you still have a cycle, even if it isn’t regular.

2. Menopause - menopause is only ONE day! It’s defined as the day that marks 12 months since your last period.

However, some doctors include the year or so after your menopause date in their definition of “menopause.”

3. Post-menopause the years after your menopause date.

Take home: How you eat, and most importantly how you EXERCISE changes based on what stage you are in.

Need help navigating the menopause sh*t show?? I’m here for you! I have three programs to help you learn how to lose weight, boost strength and energy and most importantly gain CONFIDENCE during your journey.

Contact me via email at or phone at 775-400-1919 to schedule your free consultation.

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