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Why cardio is out and strength is key

(One of our fitness fanatics Kitty S. rocking her strength work in class)

We used to think that if we wanted to lose fat, we had to run a lot, or at least load up on some kind of cardio.

Weightlifting, we were told, wasn’t so good for losing weight. It just makes you bigger & bulkier, right?

Well, now we know that’s not true. Science shows that strength training is more effective than cardio if you’re trying to lose fat. It also produces a range of other super-important health benefits that everyone needs.

And, no, ladies – LIFTING WEIGHTS WILL NOT TURN YOU INTO THE INCREDIBLE HULK. We promise. Even 25-year-old boys who want huge muscles have to lift a ton of weight for a long time to get them. And that’s not what we’re talking about here.

The secret to weight training is this: Unlike cardio, it burns calories long after you’re done exercising. It raises your metabolic rate, burning more fat than cardio alone can do. Strength training also:

*Makes shapelier bodies

*Improves sleep

*Builds stronger bones

*Improves posture

*Boosts energy, mood and confidence

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do cardio, too! Run, ride, spin, swim and to your heart’s content (pun intended).

But if you’ve been shy about lifting weights, don’t be. Let us show you how powerful you are – and how powerful strength training is to reach your weight-loss goals.

We have space in our semi-private program, where you receive your own workouts designed just for your strength goals but you get to work alongside up to three other people for motivation. We offer your first session for only $20! PM us to set up a virtual consultation and let's chat!

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