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Why should you care about hormone balance?

Because if you're a lady over 40 hormones matter! If you are struggling to lose weight. If you're frustrated because the things you've always done don't seem to work anymore. If you feel like you're doing all of the "right" things but you aren't seeing results then you need to look at your hormones!

But it isn't just hormones...I believe that there are four cornerstones to fitness and weight loss for women who are 40+. And in my hormone balancing programs we address each one:

  1. Nutrition: C

  2. tlorie counting does work. And before you can see results you need to know where you start. So believe in calorie counting at the beginning so you know what, when and how much you eat.

  3. Fitness: You need to move your body daily. HOWEVER, at this stage of life the type of exercise you do becomes more important than ever.

  4. Hormone Education: You need to understand the hormones working for you and against you when you are 40+. One of the most well-known hormones that can wreak havoc on your weight loss goals is cortisol. But in my hormone balancing programs I actually teach you about 12 different hormones and how to use them to help you reach your goals.

  5. Stress Strategies: We are all under stress these days. It's constant, that feeling of low-grade overwhelm. Constantly feeling behind schedule. That stress affects those hormones we're talking about. Learning how to manage your stress is key.

Finally, we need to have a mindset shift. A shift away from solely fitness and nutrition and more about your body as a whole. Hormones matter more as you go through your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond than they ever have before. And learning how to balance them could be just the missing piece of the puzzle for you and your weight loss goals.

Ready to learn more? Start with my free 5-day hormone balancing challenge next week. You'll get an email each morning Oct 4 - 9 addressing one of our cornerstones. Click here to sign up and start your journey next week!


Coach Erica

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