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Why we overeat

Have you ever felt like food was your only friend? Like the only way to make it through a tough day was to eat, eat, and eat?

I know I have!

So have countless people. And let’s face it: Everybody overeats sometimes.

But we should look at the reasons why. And ask key questions BEFORE ripping open the bag of chips, rather than after!

  • Sometimes we have cravings, right? The thought of, say, a chocolate donut gets into our heads, and that’s it – instant obsession.

  • Obsession is closely linked to addiction. And food addictions are a serious problem for a lot of people. If you think you’re in this territory, find a support group like Overeaters Anonymous right away.

  • Some people also theorize that humans overeat because, during the evolutionary process, our ancestors had no concept of saving food for later. They ate what they could, when they could.

Emotional Overeating

But the main culprit is our emotions. Eating is a common tactic to fight stress and smooth over the hassles of daily life. It’s there when we are lonely, hurt, or tired.

There’s a reason we all love “comfort food” sometimes, right?

So, what can you do to prevent emotional overeating? Here are some tips:

  • Find healthy ways to manage stress – like meditation, deep breathing and exercise.

  • Stop and ask yourself: Am I really hungry? Or just bored, tired, or annoyed? Then deal with what’s really bugging you.

  • Keep a food journal. It’s amazing how much clarity comes when we make a list of what we eat every day.

  • Plan your meals – maybe even prepare some in advance – so you have good choices and healthy portions ready for when you want them.

  • Don’t buy crap at the grocery store. If you don’t have it at home, you’re far less likely to “give in” to the temptation.

  • Enlist a friend for emotional support.

Emotions are real. But you don’t have to let them rule you: Pay attention to yourself and how you feel.

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