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Driven Pricing

Just coming to check us out? We’ll give you two weeks to try out unlimited classes (virtual and in-studio) for two weeks for only $25!  Click here to purchase.

Or, you can try one semi-private session for $20. Contact us to purchase

After your trial membership, we have a variety of monthly membership packages as well as punch cards and single purchase options. 

We use a credit system.  Some classes are one credit.  Some are two credits.

Monthly class memberships start at $89/month.  We also offer punch cards at a rate of $13/credit.*  Semi-private memberships start at $144/month.*  Most memberships are hybrid, which means you can take classes in-studio or virtually.

We offer many classes live virtually using ZoomCheck out our schedule to see our virtual options.

*each (1) credit - (1) 30-minute class

*monthly billing required, billing cycle = 4 weeks

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