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5 Driven Fitness rockstars over 60

I talk a LOT about the importance of strength training for women over 40. I constantly remind you to "lift heavy." But what does that mean? How heavy is heavy? And what does it take to make changes to your body composition your muscle tone and your strength if you're 60+?

This month I thought I'd highlight 5 women at Driven Fitness ROCKSTARS, who are 60+ and consistently lift heavy weights.

Let's get rolling....


Age: 65

Dumbbell range: 20lb - 35lb

How it makes her feel: "I feel empowered and confident when I lift."


Age: 62

Dumbbell range: 25lb - 35lb

How it makes her feel: "I’m very active and lifting heavy gives me the physical and mental confidence that my body can handle activities that may not be viewed as appropriate for older women."


Age: 65

Dumbbell range: 15lb - 35lb

How it makes her feel: "I feel young and strong using heavier weights."


Age: 60

Dumbbell range: 10lb - 25lb

How it makes her feel: "Lifting heavy makes me feel powerful, like I'm defying the expectations of what a grandma can do. It also gives me the strength and ability to help care for my grandchildren."


Age: 63

Dumbbell range: 15lb - 30lb

How it makes her feel: "For years 5lb and 10lb dumbbells were my standard. I started lifting heavier weights during Covid when I didn't feel band about using heavier weights at the gym that other people might want. I realize that lifting heavier weights raises my heart rate higher, plus I started to see significant increase in my strength and my muscles. At 63 I finally love my arms!"

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