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Exercise is a privilege, not a chore

Client Spotlight: Annie P.

What made you decide to begin a fitness program (or have you always been into fitness) and why did you choose Driven Fitness?

While the amount and level have varied over the years, I have always been involved in fitness. As I have gotten older, maintaining my strength has been more challenging and it became clear that I needed to add specific strength

training component to my workout regime but needed:

1) a coach/trainer that had that expertise

2) accountability.

Driven Fitness provided both of those as well as the flexibility to be at home for sessions.

What does a typical workout week look like for you?

My typical week is exercising/training 6 days out of 7 and includes swimming 2x, biking 3x, running 2x and strength training sessions 2x. My sessions during the weekdays are approx. 1 - 1.5 hours and on the weekends between 1.5 to 3.5 hours.

How do you fit it all in?

First it is important for me to have a set/planned schedule for the upcoming week. This makes it easier for me to commit to my workouts (they are in my calendar). To get it all in requires getting up early and getting it finished first part of the day. This minimizes conflicts and excuses that pop up during the day/evening. Also, I try not to get down on myself if something comes up and I have to miss a workout – it is wasted energy.

How has your workout routine changed over time?

Generally, I have increased the amount of strength training as a % of my overall workout time during a week. Before I turned 50, I did not do any strength training and over time, I have gone from 1x/week to now 2x/week and will likely need to increase to 3x in the near future.

What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome?

Aging/getting older. Overcoming being frustrated when I compare my current

older self to my younger self or my younger friends. Instead, I try to focus on being content with my current progress and status and grateful that I get to workout every day.

How have you managed frustrating times during your fitness journey?

When I get frustrated, I remind myself to be grateful for what I can do versus focusing on what I can’t do. I also tell myself that being able to get up early and workout is a privilege not a chore.

How do you manage to eat healthy?

Planning a menu for the week and cooking a large quantity on Sunday nights for leftovers for several dinners during the week is key for me. By doing this I minimize the number of times I eat out. I also pack a balanced lunch to take to work (also a good way to save money). What keeps me motivated to do these things is recognizing how much better I feel when I eat healthy.

Who is your biggest supporter?Definitely my wife. We keep one another honest with our workouts and diet. She also my biggest cheerleader and provides lots of encouragement and positive feedback.

#1 tip for someone struggling to find a way to fit exercise into their lives?

While it is important to be committed to incorporating fitness into your life, it is equally important to NOT over commit (to yourself or others). Over committing just sets yourself up for failure and then wanting to quit your fitness journey before it even gets started. Start small - take baby steps. For instance, initially commit to 20 minutes 2x/week and then slowly build the time and frequency every couple of weeks. Also, it is important to recognize that in the beginning you will likely be uncomfortable and/or sore but it will get better over time as your body adapts AND you will get to a point where you look forward to exercising which will then put it closer to the top of your priority list.

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