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Meet Karen! Finding strength and resilience through fitness

Meet Karen!

I've known Karen for years. She started in our TRX classes and moved to private training. I love that Karen comes ready to work hard every day, but she never stops smiling or ENJOYING movement. What started as a strength program to rehab post-surgery became a permanent and important part of her weekly fitness routine. She's an inspiration to her family, her friends and us here at Driven and Ignite a Vibrant Life!

Q: What made you decide to begin a fitness program (or have you always been into fitness) and why did you choose Driven Fitness?

I was doing a lot of triathlon competitions, but I wasn't doing any strength training and/or stretching and was aware that this was missing from my training. I met Erica at an event and was fortunate to win a week's session, attended some of her in-person classes and was hooked!

Q: What does a typical workout week look like for you?

I do semi-privates with Driven 2x's a week as it fits best into my schedule. I try to do something every day...whether it's swim/run/bike or a yoga session - I like to hit a minimum of 10,000 steps/daily. Q: How do you fit it all in?

Prioritize! Being outside and doing something athletic is really high on my list..otherwise I get grumpy. I work full-time, so making sure that I have external events on my calendar (cycling on Saturdays with my group or an upcoming hiking event) is key to ensuring that I get in my activities. I meal-plan (create a menu for the week) and try to stick to it so the family knows what we're having and make items in advance when I can - additionally we just adopted a 1 year old active pup ..and she REQUIRES daily walks/runs - and those are on our daily schedule.

Q: How has your workout routine changed over time?

Prior to Covid I would show up to classes - not always consistently, now my strength training classes are via zoom - and it's only there is a strong commitment to "be present". Also when it's just you and Erica you can't hide behind anyone else - for me personally, the "zoom" one-on-ones have been great and I'd encourage anyone who is skeptical to try it. Q: What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome?

During Covid I had a hip replacement - which is also why I started my bi-weekly strength sessions - I wanted to be as strong as possible going into the surgery and coming out of the surgery. I was an avid runner (marathoner, triathlete) and wanted to regain that back. Being as strong as I was going into the surgery meant that my rehab time was shortened..I was out doing a mile walk 10 days after my surgery ...and ran 4 mos after. Erica knew my goals and helped me build up my strength in the new hip with targeted focused training. Today I do everything I did pre-surgery...except without pain. Q: How do you manage to eat healthy?

We eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, salads almost every night. Planning meals in advance certainly helps with eating healthy. I rarely eat any fast food (when I'm on a road trip maybe) or processed foods - I don't eat red meat - just poultry and fish. Also everything in moderation...if you have 1 donut that's not gonna kill you...just don't eat a dozen krispy kremes !

Q: Who is your biggest supporter?

Definitely my spouse! He was always supporting me during my races - and the last couple of years we've explored doing more things together for instance, during Covid we began to go hiking together, we took cross country ski lessons last year (I love it) and we recently took a pickle-ball class together ...he's always "game" for trying something new.

Q: What is your #1 tip for someone struggling to find a way to fit exercise into their lives?

Just start with 1 class, 1 training session - go for a 10 min walk, then a 20 min walk ...don't worry how "unfit" you are ...everyone has to start from somewhere ..and it's your personal journey. You don't have to go to CrossFit, you can just take a walk along the meet your "exercise" goal. =)

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