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The Great Fitness Reshuffle

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

I heard this term "reshuffle" earlier this week while listening to an interview the CEO from LinkedIn. He explained that the American workforce is experiencing a great "reshuffle" as people shift their ideas about what's important to them: remote work, commute times flexible schedules and more. It got me thinking...we might be going through a great fitness "reshuffle" too.

People continue to change the way they work out. From using technology to at-home classes, we're trying to reach our goals in new and exciting ways.

Do you need to reshuffle your fitness routine? Here are some things to consider if you need a change or some inspiration.

First, think about what you need to be successful. What has been holding you back from reaching your goals thus far? For example...


Do you need someone to MAKE you exercise when you don't want to? Do you hate it? Are you just getting started and feel intimidated? Then hiring a personal trainer may be the way you want to go. A personal coach will keep you accountable and help you work towards your individual goals based on your needs.


Do you need a group of people to help you feel motivated? Do you like a social aspect to fitness? Then finding a group program with a friendly group of people with your similar goals and lifestyle may be what you need.


Do you have trouble getting to the gym to workout? Do you have a hectic schedule, kids at home or other obligations that get in your way? An at-home workout program like the Zoom classes or semi-private sessions may give you the convenience you need to be successful. No need to allot extra time to drive to and from the gym. Your home is your workout studio!

These are just a few examples of how you might need to reshuffle your fitness plan for 2022. Still feel stuck? Contact me at or 775-400-1919 to schedule a free virtual consult and we can talk about how to find the right program for your goals this year.

In health and wellness,

Coach Erica

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