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There is NEVER a perfect time to make a change

"I want to start working out but my life if just really busy right now and I want to wait until things calm down so I can really give it my all."


"I want to start but I have a big vacation in three weeks and I don't want to go to classes for two weeks and then have to stop."

These are a few of the statements I've heard (and many more like them) over the years when I'm talking to women about starting my fitness programs. And it's one of the biggest mistakes you're making.

The truth is...there is never a perfect time to start an exercise program.

That's life for most of these days: overshceduled, stressful and packed full.

If you are one of the people who's said or thought like this, take a moment and ask yourself. In the past 5 years has there EVER been a "good" time to start a fitness program? Probably not, or you'd already be exercising!

People who are successful know how to fit exercise into their lives no matter how chaotic their schedules or lives are. They are also very flexible with their goals, their plans and their workout schedules. Maybe their workouts aren't exactly

how they imagined.

  • Maybe they only workout 30 minutes instead of the 60 minutes they planned.

  • Maybe they only can go to 2 classes/week instead of 5 like they hoped

  • Maybe their schedule is interrupted by vacation or an illness in the family

  • Maybe they have to wake up to exercise at 6am, or maybe they split their workouts into 2 smaller ones

What matters is they know that life will always be hectic. And because they are CONSISTENT they are successful. It is the small consistent steps every single day that lead you to a fit and healthy life (and maybe that smaller size of jeans).

Stop using your busy schedule as an excuse to avoid living healthy. Or as an excuse to make any big change in your life. Finding a new job, moving to a new town, or starting that exercise program. Because

there are LOTS of people living hectic lives that are making it work every single day. If you feel overwhelmed and you need help, then call me. I will always do a free virtual consult to talk about your goals, your frustrations and how I can help.

In health and wellness,

Coach Erica


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